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Revolution® Rewards
Purchase 6 doses get 2 doses FREE.
Purchase 9 doses, get 3 doses FREE.

REVOLUTION® Rewards. A Healthy Dose of Savings. Buy 6 doses get 2
	doses FREE. Buy 9 doses, get 3 doses FREE.

Revolution: Buy 6pack Get 2 doses FREE
This is an ongoing promotion.

Frontline: Buy 6 pack Get 2 doses FREE
Offer expires December 31, 2012

Heartgaurd: Buy 12 month supply receive a $12 rebate.
Rebate offer expires December 31, 2012

Comfortis: Buy 6 month supply receive a $20 rebate through www.comfortis.com until Aug 31, 2012. New promotions will start up sometime during the fall on www.comfortis.com

Rimadyl: Sign up at www.rimadyl.com to get Rimadyl Rewards for every presrciption you buy at NW Neighborhood Vet.

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