Wet Nose News: October 2015

Halloween Pet Safety

Halloween can bring a number of hazards into your home. Here are a few important safety tips to ensure your pet is safe and happy on this spookiest of holidays.
  • Candies containing chocolate, peanut butter, raisins or currents can be toxic to pets. Ingesting them will result in upset stomachs and may lead to heart arrhythmias, kidney failure and/or seizures. It is important to keep them out of your pet’s reach and children should be taught not to feed candy to them.
  • Xylitol, a sugar substitute, commonly seen in peanut butter and gum is extremely toxic to dogs. Even small amounts can cause hypoglycemia, or a rapid drop blood sugar levels. Symptoms include staggering, disorientation, collapse, weakness and seizures. Ingesting can lead to liver failure and death.
  • Pets with social anxiety, or who are territorial, should be placed securely away from the front door, where trick-or-treaters will be present.
  • Pet costumes should avoid the face or neck area, where breathing may become restricted and result in choking. Keep a close eye on pets in their costumes; some pets might chew and ingest pieces of their costume which could result in a gastrointestinal blockage.

Staff Highlight: CVT's

Certified veterinary technicians (CVT) are the backbone of our hospital, providing skilled support and knowledgeable care as part of your pet’s health care team. A veterinary technician is an individual who has graduated from a veterinary technology program accredited by the American Veterinary Medical Association. To become a CVT requires many hours of on-the-job training after graduation and passing a certification exam. At Northwest Neighborhood Veterinary Hospital we are very lucky to have the best veterinary technicians in Portland. All of our technicians are certified and provide the highest level of care; whether taking x-rays, drawing blood, assisting with anesthesia or helping our veterinarians during exams.

We are very proud of our technicians and invite you get to know them better


William Temple House

Since 1965, William Temple House has served Portland by providing help where it is needed on behalf of the disadvantaged and distressed in our community.

Recently, Dr. Scott Shuler went to the Lifting Spirits Benefit Dinner and Auction, an event that supports the mental health counseling, emergency social services and pastoral care programs at William Temple House.

To learn more visit their website: http://www.williamtemple.org/

Other community involvement
- Ainsworth Elementary: Garden Tour
- Friendly House/Chapman: Ice Cream Social

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