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Olive Crawford Bell

Olive Crawford Bell

Hello, my name is Olive Crawford Bell and I was born on October 6th, 2011. I was adopted by my loving parents, soon after. It didn't take long for my mom and dad to realize that as a French Bulldog, I require a very pampered lifestyle.

For example, I love nap time and burrowing under the covers. Walks are the best, especially when I get to chase my arch nemesis, Albert the Squirrel. I have a number of doctors and specialists who tend to my every need, and I adore them very much! I have my quirks--it annoys me when things are out of place, and if I see a spot on the ground, I HAVE to investigate it. Humans think I am adorable and constantly give me treats, and laugh hysterically when I walk around with my tongue sticking out. As for my parents, well, I have them trained. I taught them to give me treats after going potty, after playtime, when I'm bored....even the right tilt of the head I get a treat!

Other activities I enjoy is hanging out with my best friend Bird, who is a French Bulldog, like me! We watch TV togther, nap together, wear matching designer hoodies, and of course, play tug-o-war and keep away with our toys. We even dress up for Halloween (this year I was a giraffe, Bird was a donkey)!

My parents love me very much, but sometimes, I get confused with what my name is because they have so many for me! So far, I have been The Pontouf, Snausage, Little Monkey, Olivevina, Pickle, Sweat Pea, and Baby Bug. All I know is, no matter what my name is, I am happy as a clam just being me!

Now give me a treat!